About The Pitmaster

In 2004, after moving to Georgia from Southern California, our Pit Master Joshua Radloff was introduced to real southern pit barbecue. He enjoyed the smoked flavors so much he made it a family and friends weekly event. His new hobby quickly turned into an obsession, honing his skills and gaining knowledge on smoking meats to perfection. He got so good at it he joined barbecue forums, successfully competed in professional BBQ competitions, bought better equipment, and won several awards being known as “The Brisket Guy” for his delicious, mouthwatering, award winning smoked brisket.

Josh “The Brisket Guy” and his wife Kelley with their entrepreneurial spirit, decided the time had come to take their passion for great food that family and friends rave about to the next level. They traveled to Kansas City for professional barbecue training.

In 2015, our barbecue team Que Shack was formed and went on to win numerous awards in the next few years, including several top ten and top 5 category calls, including a perfect score in ribs and three top 5 and a first place brisket call in one season.

In 2019, Josh and Kelley decided to take their award winning barbecue recipes and delicious homemade sides to the public and bought a mobile food truck. With this food truck we are proud to serve you our competition style, craft barbecue! We hope you enjoy our barbecue and signature side dishes as much as we do!